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for medicare coverage, all while giving millionaires a $265,000 tax break. meanwhile, he voted for defense cuts he blames on president obama and mr. fiscal conservative voted to increase the debt ceiling by $4 trillion under president bush. seems like right pickens to me, krystal. >> frankly, he can't be directly honest about the plans because they are toxic. it is not popular to fund tax cuts for the rich on the backs of the poor. that is not something that sells in this election. on the other hand, biden and obama have been very consistent and their policies are broadly popular. they are talking about restoring the middle class. they are talking about the american dream. they have a balanced plan that makes sense to americans. so i think it is very tough for paul ryan. not only does he have to defend his own budget but mitt romney's plans and he has to be able to reconcile the differences between what mitt romney has been selling and what his actual policies are. >> now, meanwhile, governor romney, chris, says that people in the country don't die from lack of health insurance. i'm going to re
, president obama took the issues of medicare and debt to the stage in washington. >> i will not allow medicare to become a voucher program that leaves seniors at the mercy of the insurance industry; with shrinking benefits to pay rising costs. >> reporter: with ryan in the front row mr. obama laid bare the agenda for a political season that hadn't yet arrived. in the primaries, former governor mitt romney said he fully supported the ryan plan, but he has since backed away from a complete endorsement. >> people become concerned. no changes for current retirees >> reporter: meanwhile, democrats across the country had seized on the ryan budget well before he was on the republican ticket. >> i think we have to remember that democrats were talking about paul ryan and paul ryan's budget months before governor romney even chose him to be his running mate, this was already an issue, it was already in ads, and something that was already part of the conversation at the congressional level, before paul ryan was named the v.p. running mate. >> reporter: here outside buffalo, ny, congresswoman kat
. remember barack obama said his independent advisory panel on medicare wasn't going to make any decisions on treatment. it has unilateral power, unless congress overrides it with a super majority, to basically tell all doctors and hospitals this is how much money you have to treat people. that is incredible power. it is effectively the power to ration health care. i think the president was stretching the truth in and a big part of obamaed care, which, by the way, remains very unpopular. >> schieffer: norayou have covered all these people. you have interviewed all of them. where do you see this right now? where do you see this going? >> reporter: well, mitt romney energized not justs had supporters of republicans and conservatives across the country, but even his own campaign, who i think having talked to them acknowledged they had trouble with their own message, that they had been sort of chasing the shiny penny, as one adviser put it today, that they feel like they've had a reset button, if you will. they certainly also feel like they've got an opportunity now to focus on different sorts
? >> with paul ryan talking about a big shift in the medicare program we shift to a premium support plan and keeping all the rate cuts from the affordable care act and obama pushed a year ago, you will see some volatility lot of medicare providers particularly hospitals who are the most linked to the affordable care act and if any changes happens they will be the ones who will see movement. cheryl: there's a lot of volatility in hospitals that they are cheap at this point. we're looking at a chart of where they trade. i wonder if there are any deals there. >> you hit it right on the head. we are seeing there is volatility. if mitt romney wins you will see some pressure in hospital stocks but for a more fundamental perspective if you look at the valuation, names like community health, these things are trading close to where they were before the supreme court ruled on the affordable care act in june. i could make the case that they are cheap but i also know there will be volatility between now and nov. 6. they are potentially big deals at these levels. cheryl: what about pharmacy benefit m
obama has moved. so medicare, medicare, medicare. >> thanks to you both, anne kornblut and mark caputo. >>> the number twos getting on their ticket, getting ready for their matchup. what they're doing ahead of the vice presidential debate. and a lot has been said about the president's performance at this week's debate. we'll talk about the obama campaign national vice chair, janua jan chi cowski. drug and alcohol abuse is up. and those dealing with grief don't have access to the professional help they need. when you see these issues, do you want to walk away or step up? with a degree in the field of counseling or psychology from capella university, you'll have the knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others. let's get started at ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection.
obama's $716 billion of medicare savings is a cut. actually it's the same savings that ryan has in his own exact plan. >> now, aarp endorsed it, do you really think they'd be out in the business of wrecking medicare? do you think all the old geezers like me would still pay their aarp dues if they thought thea arp was wrecking medicare? i mean, come on, give me a break here. but he's got to stand up there with a straight face and say all that stuff. >> some geezer. nobody breaks it down better than big bill. we'll be right back. common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's invest in our teachers... they can inspire our students. let's solve this. >>> welcome back to "hardball." whether you loved it or not or hated it, joe biden's performance dominated the stage last night as he went on offense against paul ryan and mitt romney. let's take a look. >> i have never met two guys who were more down on america across the board. we're told everything is going
a mean old person president obama and the democrats are. they ripped off medicare. for $716 billion. really, we're in the same medicare savings. it's the only real difference between ryan and romney that i can figure and in this case i actually agree with congressman ryan and he had to scrap it and now attack obama for doing what he did. >> sam stein, it seems to be so relaxing to be a former president as opposed to be a president prepping for a debate. the president did score some points on medicare in the last debate and i would expect that would be an area where joe died den wants to go this time? >> yeah. it's an interesting theory to choose paul ryan because they've had some several different plans now. they've gone from a conservative to moderate base. to the extent that biden can tar him or at least tie him to those earlier plans, that will be a success. and that was my past, i'm with the romney ticket now. this is what is at stake here. biden has to perform well because the expectations from the first debate have been lowers and because he needs to make up ground for obama.
's the problem. they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, turning medicare into a piggy bank for obama care. >> for the first time in more than three decades, california voters will decide whether or not to abolish the death penalty, and if the state's three strikes law should be reform reformed. the controversy continues over san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's future even after he's reinstated by the board of supervisors. >>> plus writer lynn povich and her husband, steve shepard on journalism's transition to the digital age, coming up next. >>> good evening. i'm belva davis and welcome to this week in northern california. joining me on our news panel tonight are barbara taylor, kcbs city hall reporter and scott shafer, host of the california report on kqed public radio. and carla marinucci, san francisco chronicle senior political writer. carla, there is so much going on in politics today. let's start with the vice presidential debate. people said they wanted action. what did they get? >> that's right. you could almost hear the cheers coming out of san francisco, the bars and so
medicare into a piggy bank for obama care. their own actuary from the administration came to congress and said 1 out of 6 hospital and nursing homes will go out of business as a result of this. >> fact check. medicare chief actuary didn't say providers would go out of business. but he said 15 percent could become unprofitable but he added the policy could be monitored to keep hospitals and nursing homes from going out of business. paul ryan budget proposed the same 7 16 billion dollars in savings. on the attack in benghazi that took the life of ambassador chris stevens vice president pled ignorance. >> be weren't told they wanted more security. we didn't know they wanted more security. >> fact check. biden is wrong. this week state department officials testified they asked for more security and they were denied. white house said today mr. biden was speaking for himself not the administration. on iran nuclear ambitions. >> when barack obama was elected they had enough material nuclear material to make one bomb. now they have enough for 5. >> fact check ryan is wrong. iran has b
, is a major part of obama care. obama care is what cut medicare by $716 billion on. let me tell you a few specific things i would do immediately to cut the debt. first of all, i would repeal obama care as quickly as possible. secondly, i would defund the high-speed rail in central california, which nobody wants, nobody thinks we can afford, nobody wants to pay for it. i would look for agencies like the n.e.a. and p.d.s. and, yes, it's time for you to make it on your own. not only that, i would do everything we could again. get that debt down. lower those interest rates. lower the interest that we're paying every single day. everybody pays that, the middle class, every single person, senior, young and old. i'm tired out of hearing dr. ruiz it's always one group of people against another. you know, we can save medicare, dr. ruiz. i know we can save it. we can save it for this generation, we can save it if you're 55 and over. but you know what else, dr. ruiz? we can save it for our generation and our children's generation and our grandchildren's as well, but not by ignoring the problem. >> t
. >> obama care takes $716 billion from medicare to spend on obama care. >> all you seniors out there, have you been denied choices? have you lost medicare advantage? >> because they haven't put a credible solution on the table. >> their ideas are old. and their ideas are bad. and they eliminate the guarantee of medicare. >> this is their essential claim that my opponent will destroy medicare. but is that really true? let's take a look at some of the facts and consider it. i'll bring in some tools here and look at the white house plan to begin with. this is the landscape they're dealing with. the cost of medicare is going to generally increase over the next ten years until it reaches about $1 trillion annually. they want to reduce that by about 10%. that's the orange part here. that's the part they're cutting out. now, their opponents look at that and say that's real care for real people that you're getting rid of and you just can't do that. but the white house says hold on, no it's not. that's a reduction in the amount of money that we're paying to the administrative cost of hospitals and
was over medicare and the assertion that the obama campaign is reading it to pay for obamacare. bill: >> barack obama four years ago running for president said if you don't have any fresh ideas use stale tactics to scare votes. what about that strategy. is that working or not. karl rove talks to us, he's on deck. jamie: biden and ryan clashing over how to stop iran's nuclear weapons. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations weighs in. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. jamie: medicare was one of the most hard-fought issues in the debate last night sparking fiery exchanges between vice president biden and challenger paul ryan both men saying they want to make sure that medicare and social security remain around for newt generations. they did clash on how that could be accom
at one point in time, from medicare given to obama care, does biden, vice president biden have to really like put the hold up, wait a minute, and go in on congressman ryan? >> look, he has it to obviously put up something of a rebuttal and satisfy that itch among democrats for a more aggressive pushback, and he's comfortable with that. that's the kind of thing vice president biden has done over the years. he's an engaged debater and enjoys the give-and-take. it doesn't come across as too mean, but he has a habit of, loquaci loquacious and has many gaffes. they're trying to take advantage of his long experiment at the head of national government. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate you coming on to talk with us. pretty exciting week again. we're still waiting to see if the race has nvt changed after last week's debate and the jobs numbers. there's no doublt that it has. they write, quote, the body language from body campaigns suggests that the race did change. a more confident romney camp and an obama campaign with a greater sense of urgency. let's bring in mark murray. i want to t
romney as a souvenir of the night he crushed you in that debate. (laughter) and here's the thing, obama lost even though romney was lying his ass off the entire night. >> on medicare for current retirees, he's cutting $716 billion from the program. >> jon: not gutting $716 from the program. he is negotiating payments to providers and insurance companies, aka the exact same thing that is in paul ryan's budget plan. >> you put $9 o o-- $90 billion into green jobs, and these businesses, many of them are going out of business. i think about half of them of the ones that have been invested in, have gone to business. >> jon: well, almost half, out of nearly three dozen, three of them have been cut out so that is almost half except aka nowhere [bleep] near half. >> the president said we cut the deficit in half. unfortunately he doubled it. >> jon: 1.2 trillion when he took office t is 1.1 trillion now. mr. president are you just going throat him roll you. >> mr. president, two minutes. >> when i walked in the oval office i had more than a trillion dollar deficit greeting me. and we know where
to rise 20 million americans will lose their employer based health insurance on obama care and rake 716 billion from medicare. governor romney will have a different approach that will move this country in the right direction. that's what they are frustrated about, george. >> we will preview the vice presidential debate. what should we hear from joe biden? we will all be watching that this thursday. >> time for the first degree weather update with maria molina. >> hi, good morning. good to see you. we are dealing with chilly temperatures across a big chunk of the country across portions of the midwest, the great lakes northeast and even down into texas. temperatures well below average. we had a strong front push on through this entire eastern half of the country leighing behind much colder air. 44 in dallas. well below average. 35 degrees in chicago. 39 in cleveland. 46 degrees in new york city. we can pretty much say we have seen a transition from summer into fall and of course some of us even into winter like weather where we saw snowfall across portions of the planes over t--s over th
for dealing with that are terrible. >> obama care takes $716 billion from medicare to spend on obama care. >> all you seniors out there, have you been denied choices? have you lost medicare advantage? >> they haven't put a credible solution on the table. >> their ideas are old and their ideas are bad and they eliminate the guarantee of medicare. >> this is their essential claim that my opponent will destroy medicare, but is that really true? let's take a look at some of the facts and consider, i'll bring in some tools here. look at the white house plan to begin with. this is the landscape they're dealing with, the cost of medicare will generally increase over the next ten years until it reaches about $1 trillion annually. they want to reduce that by about 10% that's the orange part here and the part they're cutting out. their opponents say that's real care for real people that you're getting rid of, but the white house says hold on. no, it's not. that's a reduction in the amount of money that we're paying to the administrative cost of hospitals and to the insurance programs. in a word, th
in medicare money. it will not continue to be obama. >> biden also has a propensity for, shall we say, putting his foot in his snout. >> that's what makes it such great television. you don't know what he's going to say. >> great television. >> okay. >> this is civic, okay? >> political game. this is for television. >> and there is such an incredible contrast in age. ryan looks like he is 25. biden looks like he is three times 25. it's going to be interesting from that standpoint as well. >> we will be breaking it down for you next sunday. >> that's right. >>> but coming up, we'll have one last look at some of this morning's top stories. >> including a missing wallet. a postal carrier's lost and found story. we'll be right back. ,,,, vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarante
election and have to appeal to a general election audience. but what the obama campaign says is, it's a bigger, broader strategy that on issues from medicare to taxes to now abortion, governor romney, who referred to himself as a "severe conservative," is now trying to hide that. >> pelley: john, thank you. for his part, in a radio interview, president obama tried to explain his debate performance of last week. >> pelley: polite or not, the next debate is tomorrow night. it will be between the vice presidential candidates, and we'll bring it to you live beginning at 9:00 eastern time, and that's 6:00 here in the west. anti-doping officials lay out all of the evidence against lance armstrong, and a girl who stood up to the taliban is gunned down-- when the "cbs evening news" continues. inues. piccolo headphonesxels place to sleep little roadster war and peace deep sea diving ninja app hipster glasses 5% cash back sign up to get 5% everywhere online through december. only from discover. get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high b
does. it takes $716 billion from medicare to spend on obama care. you caensameto medamca. mecayear eh hat will lead to denial of care for current seniors. this board is 15 people. the president is supposed to appoint them next year, and not even one of them needs medical training. if we don't shore up social security, when we run out of the iou's, when the program goes bankrupt, a 25% across the board benefit cut kicks in on current seniors in the middle of their retirement. we're going to stop that from happening. they haven't put a credible solution on the table. he'll tell you about vouchers and say all these things to scare people. give younger people, when they become medicare eligible, aranteed coverage options that you can't be denied, including traditional medicare. more coverage for middle income people and total out of pocket coverage for the poor and sick. choice and competition. we would rather have 50 million future seniors determine how their medicare is delivered to them, instead of 15 bureaucrats deciding what, when, if and where they get it. >> i heard that death pane
to medicare is obama care. i'm excited about pointing that out, and i'm more than happy to talk about the bipartisan solutions that we've offered. >> the last big moment on a big stage was your speech at the convention. >> right there at that plant, candidate obama said, i believe that if our government is there to support you, this plant will be here for another 100 years. that's what he said in 2008. well, as it turned out, that plant didn't last another year. >> you got hammered a little bit by democrats and even some republicans for some things that you said that were maybe loose with the facts. >> they weren't. i stand behind everything i said. if you try to distort what i said and say that was loose, that's one thing. let me make it clear. i think you're talking about the janesville plant. we never accused president obama of shutting that down. that happened before he came into office. i made that clear. he came to our plant and said that he would lead an effort to retool it to keep it open for 100 years. >> my question is more broadly about how you are preparing for the debate
medicare to spend on obama care. >> all you seniors out there, have you been denied choices, have you lost medicare advantage? >> they haven't put a credible solution on the table. >> their ideas are old and their ideas are bad and they eliminate the guarantee of medicare. >> this is their essential claim, that my opponent will destroy medicare, but is that really true? let's look at the facts and consider it. i'll bring in some tools here and look at the white house plan to begin with. this is the landscape they're dealing with. the cost of medicare is going to generally increase over the next ten years until it reaches about a trillion dollars annually them want to reduce that by about 10%. that's the orange part here, that's the part they're cutting out. now, their opponents look at that and say that's real care e whitoning ple that you're administrative cost otasuncethes sh g's/rn pl,ngnhehe w reduce it by about 10%, but they want to rely on the private sector, not governme word g for vouchers. they don't like calling it vouchers, but that's rally what it is. dicare pays the icare,t t
that they claim president obama cut out of medicare, when he didn't. i bet they try to claim that they are not going to cut taxes in way that willed a to the deficit, and i'll bet they are also claim that they are not going to raise taxes on the middle class, but they'll give the middle class a tax break. all of those lies we have heard before. and obamacare is a big government program. i don't think joe can be too aggressive. he doesn't have to be obnoxious. that's not his style anyhow. but he has to take on every single one of those. the other thing i think is is important for joe biden, i believe, that he has got to remember, that this is not for him. nobody is going to vote for him or paul ryan. if you are going to vote for just joe biden or paul ryan. if you want to vote for paul ryan and joe biden, you can't do that. it's not about paul or joe, it's about barack obama and mitt romney. and joe biden has to keep bringing it back to the fundamental choices. move forward with obama or move backward with mitt romney. i think joe has to make that point
they don't change for people in or around retirement. obamacare takes $716 billion from obama to spend on medicare. even their own chief of medicare backs this up. he says you can't claim that this money goes to medicare and obamacare. and then they put the bomb bomb care board in charge of cutting medicare each and every year in ways that will lead to denying care for current seniors. this board the president is supposed to apoint them next year, and not one of them has to have medical training. when the program goes bankrupt social security a 25% discount kicks? . we'll stop that from happening. we'll tell you about vouchers and say all of these things to try to scare people. here is what we're saying. guaranteed coverage options that you can't be denied including traditional medicare. choose your plan and then medicare subsidizes your premiums, not as much for the wealthy people more for middle income, and total out of pocket for the poor and sick. >> vice president biden. >> stephanie: i heard that death panel argument from sarah palin. it seems like i hear this e
programa de medicare para obama care. su iniciativa fue ir al congreso y decirle uno de ada 6 hospitales y asilos de ancianos van a terminar de operar como resulto de esto 7 millones de ancianos van a perder la cobertura que tienen. y esto es de los propios actÚa rÍos. >>> mas personas estuvieron a favor de medicare. yo sÉ que tiene presiÓn para recuperar el sterr no perdido si no interÉs rru peumos serÁ mejor. >>> no tomes 4 minutos entonces, >>> estamos diciendo, no cambie las prestaciones para mÁs de 5 aÑos. ya han organizado su jubilaciÓn. >>> cual es su plan especÍfico para los ancianos que no pueden a pron tar la dirnz. un plan de una prima. o lo que llaman boucher o cupÓn ¿como se compone eso? . >>> el ajuste de las primas seÁa quitar subsidios a las personas mÁs pudientes esos 6. 400 dÓlares no son fiables como cifra. es un plan, que yo organice con un... >>> ni siquiera hay un demÓcrata. que lo endosa. >>> nuestro socio es un demÓcrata del estado de oregon y dijo que no respalda. >>> y lo reemplazamos con el ex director del presupuesto de clinton y dijo que esta i
nueva junta de obama ca re. que va a reducir medicare cada aÑo para reducir las prestaciones a los mayores. los integrantes de esta junta nombrados el aÑo que viene y ningÚn de ellos tiene que ser un mÉdico. si seguimos asÍ cuando el programa entre en bancarrota. reducirÁ prestaciones para los mayores de edad en la mitad de sus aÑos de jubilaciÓn. no han puesto una soluciÓn que sea creÍble. va a decir de los cupones y cosas para tratar de asustar les chltd lo que decimos es que hay que darle a los joven cuando lleguen a la posibilidad de acceder a medicare que tengan opciones, para que no se pueda negar. escoja su plan, y el medicare le pagara un subsidio para sus primas. con una cobertura absoluta para los enfermos y los pobres. preferimos tener 50 millones de seniors y no 15 burÓcratas que digan sÍ, y cuando y como se les va a pagar. >>> escuchÉ los argumentos de sara palin pero hablaremos de medicare, lo que hicimos nosotros, fue que nos salvamos 716 mil millones de dÓlares y lo aplicamos en medicare. recortamos el costo del medicare. dejamos de sobre pagar las comp
gente retirado. veamos lo que hace obama carey toma 700 millones de dÓlares de medicare para ayudar a medio quiere incluso el jefe dice estoy en medio quiecare y tambÉa un panel ordenes bde obama que panel, y niega la ayuda a los ancianos, y tambiÉn ciertas personas que necesita. social se q ti curity 25% de re para quienes estÉn retirados ya, ellos no han puesto sobre la mesa una soluciÓn creÍble, ellos le habrÁn sobre cupones y todas taso cosas para asustar a las personas vamos a decir la verdad, cuando la gente joven que no se les he segundo, ustedes pueden e legir su manpl necesitamos come tena necesitamos competencia y elecciÓn, y no 15 cuburÓcratass >>> he stuch este argumento de mi shaem sarah para reuniÓn, pero vamos hablar sobre hicimos 500 millones de dÓlares, dejandoles de pagar a las aseguradoras y todas las a so sigsz mÉdicas apoyan lo que hicimos, y esto extiende la vida del med del medio quie del medio costa ricare, tienen n copago y todo esto, si esto, se irÍa alaban ko ro la bancarrotan vale, el primer programa de cupones, dijo el actuario principal de q
footing. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare and into ap bank for obama care. ph seniors are expected to lose coverage. >> more people sign up for it medicare advantage after the change. nobody is... >> mr. present mr. vice president i know you're under a lot of the resthe rest-- duress >> everyone agrees that by then was much more aggressive than obama was last week and we will see what this does as we go into the next presidential debate next week. that debate will be shown in its entirety just like we show this debate on our 247 news channel on comcast 193 or digital 4.2. you can watch kron4 for that. >> the bay area weather anenotng will continue right into your work week. the airport delays because of low visibility are just under an hour. oakland and san jose airports are on time. you can see top is getting some rain right now. we did have a report that they have the first snowfall of the season. widespread cut cover or the bay area but we will see some brace of sunshine into the afternoon. it's just gonna push right back and going widespread since
to keep the programs going. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar turning medicare into a piggy bank for obama care. their own actuaries said one out of six hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business because of this. >> he said 15% could become unprofitible but add td policy could be monitored to keep hospitals and nursing homes from going out of business. and paul ryan's budget proposed the same $716 billion in savings. on attacks of benghazi that took the live of chris stevens vice president pled ignorance. >> we weren't told they wanted more security there. we did not know they want mord sek tie fact check? joe biden is wrong this, week state department officials testified they asked for more security and were denied. the white house said mr. biden was speaking for himself not the administration. on iran's nuclear ambitions. >> when barack obama was elected they had enough material nuclear material to make one bomb now they have enough for five. >> fact check? ryan is wrong. iran built up the supply but none of it is weapons grade. and experts sa
. >>> por otra parte, biden sprem tÍo que el presidente obama nunca afirmarÍa el cambiar el seguro social, ni reemplazarÍa el medicare por un plan de cupones >>> miren amigos en quien confiaran. en un hombre que aumentara el medicare 6400 dÓlares al aÑo o en mÍ y el presidente. >>> se trata de opciones y competitividad nosotros preferirÍamos que 50 millones de personas de la tercera edad, determino en como utilizar el medicare. en vez que los burÓcratas. >>> biden atacÓ a ryan. en sus recortes de impuestos. y de no dar detalle de su plan lo que decimos es reducir la tasa de impuestos 20%. comenzando con los mÁs ricos. estos universitarios, creen que los candidatos vinieron preparados. >>> uno de los momentos que me intereso mucho fue al hablar de los impuestos y taxis. >>> la pregunta mÁs importante para mÍ fue quien pagara mÁs y quien pagara menos el mensaje de los candidatos ambos catÓlicos sobre el tema del aborto, impactÓ a muchos. >>> el aborto estÁ tras el doctor y la paciente. >>> este debate fue mÁs interesantes, dice esta profesora y las dirferencias entre ambos. p
of the most critical issues facing the american voter. involving taxes, medicare, abortion rights for women, the vice president came out swinging today. unlike president obama. he immediately raised the issue of romney's controversial 47%. and he also spoke aggressively about the president saving the american auto industry, gm and chrysler in particular, but there was a testy exchanges on medicare and so many other issues. it looks like -- looks like at least to me, pretty much of a draw as far as this debate is concerned. we'll have full reality checks from our john berman, tom foreman, going through the facts described today. who was telling more of the truth. who was fibbing a bit. going through all of that tonight. you also saw those focus group results at the bottom of the screen. who liked what they saw. these were independent voters in virginia, we're certainly going to hear from them. erin burnett is standing by. we'll hear if any of them changed their minds as a result of what we heard. we also will get an instant poll. a scientific poll of people who actually watched this debate a
most uttered were the big ones. people, medicare, governor, obviously, romney. what jumps out? i don't know, but what doesn't jump out is the words fiscal cliff. neither president obama nor mitt romney mentioned it at all during wednesday's debate. i was kind of amazed, christine. i was amazed to have a debate focused on the economy and not one word about how these guys would avert the fiscal cliff, ask frankly, not one question from the moderator about the most serious thing that could be facing our economy right now. christine, stay right where you are. i want to bring in cnn's chief national correspondent john king who has been a debate moderator in the past as well as the democratic u.s. senator from georgia sam nunn. he is actively working with both alan simpson and ershkin bowles to find simple, long-term solutions to the gridlock. think of this as simpson bowles 2.0. he's been highly critical over the handling of the fiscal cliff that threatens our economy. senator nunn, you have said, quote, both sides seem to have a political strategy, but their governing strategy is in doub
now that hospitals may be hit with big fines under president obama's healthcare law. that law says medicare can fine hospitals that have too many patients readmitted with complications within 30 days of their discharge. the average fee? $125,000 per facility. there are worries how those fines could affect the hospital bottom lines and their treatment of patients. i read this and say they are going to final hospitals because they want to hold them accountable for patient care. too many patients being readmitted within 30 days of discharge due to complications and they want to improve quality. i say great. would i like to improve quality and i don't want patients having complications either. >> 2,200 hospitals is 2/3 of all the hospitals in the u.s. that takes medicare. we are talking about top hospitals be massachusetts general, university of chicago, vanderbilt hospital, hospitals that are very, very great. megyn: don't discharge somebody who is going come back in 30 days with a major complication. >> the hospitals i just named are called ter tirks ary patients. they are treating s
the congressman doesn't like the affordable care act and obama, it extends medicare for eight years. it's a safety net. it's important for our seniors. works for our seniors. we ought not become destroying it. quite frankly, you have not stepped forth with ideas on how to make medicare solvent for the future. >> representative rehberg, 30 minutes. >> you don't extend medicare by taking $716 billion out. he said benefits were not going to cut. that's not the issue, the issue is doctors and hospitals will not be fairly reimbursed for seeing seniors. if president obama and senator tester say you will not lose your insurance under the healthcare reform, no, the problem is nobody will be able to give you that insurance. the doctor may not be able to see you. we must put that back by repealing obamacare. if by putting the money back into medicare, we can make it stronger and last longer and begin serious discussions of a bottom-up solution. >> question from tom to senator tester. >> yes senator tester, you frequently referred to as the only working farmer in the u.s. senate. trade issues by montana far
campaigning their opponents and boosting support for president obama. let's start with democrat tammie baldwin and the medicare debate. baldwin is three points ahead of tommy thompson in wisconsin. here's the main reason. thompson was caught on camera promising to do away with medicare and medicare. thompson has tried to clarify the comments. it's not working. the latest ad shows her taking care of her late grandparents. she promises to leave medicare alone. so baldwin is proving to be a tougher candidate than the republicans bargaining for in the badger state. but there's ools ooth surprise for the gop. elizabeth warren is ahead of scott brown in massachusetts. warren uses the 47% comment to go after brown on tax fairness. brown responds by attacking warren's native american heritage? his staffers were even caught on tape making racist gestures. brown thinks he can win the election on this issue, but it's not working. warren is ahead by five points. her fellow democrat in missouri is doing better. claire mccaskill is winning on women's issues. todd akin coined the phrase "legitimate rape." he
this afternoon, i listened on that whole hour show. yes, on tax policy, president obama is a bit -- is a tinkerer and the medicare, the affordable care act is an example. 2700 pages of tinkering. you listen to steve wynn and he is talking about fixing education to tinker with the tax code and give teachers special tax rates if the students do this, tax credit for this and that. the only way to fix education is school vouchers. so to me, they are both an example of, in the london school of economics professor, talking about the tinkerers, the people who see the economy as a great big engine and they are going to go in with screw drivers and tirvegger and fine-tune. it i am afraid the democrats are guilty of haand the republicans are there. they have different constituencies they are trying to support. >> greta: all right. if we were talking a year from now and assume two hypothetical, first one, president obama is re-elected. second one, governor romney wins. a year from now, are you -- which presidency is going to likely -- are you likely to hire more people under? >> well that's a tough one beca
-state debate. over the course of the campaign, you will hear more about medicare reform. ultimately hope to bring the ideas of montana back to washington. rather than a d.c. top-down solution. that is what i thought the ryan proposal was, and certainly is what the obama plan is. >> senator tester, one minute. >> only in washington d.c. when you take excessive payment to insurance payments and eliminate waste, fraud and abuse, that will be called a bad thing. the fact of the matter is, not one benefit will be cut to medicare recipients. not one benefit. the fact of the matter is,we have been reimbursing insurance companies and provided no benefits to our seniors. it's time to sop that reimbursment and make this program good for generations to come. the i know the congressman doesn't like the affordable care act and obama, it extends medicare for eight years. we need to continue to look for ways to make medicare stronger. it's a safety net. it's important for our seniors. works for our seniors. we ought not become destroying it. quite frankly, you have not stepped forth with ideas on how t
came back to president obama has cut medicare benefits by $716 billion. >> yeah well there's -- there are a number of problems with that, starting with that it's not true. it's -- what he has done is they found savings on the provider side, so if you are a medicare beneficiary, you are not going to have your benefits reduced which is of course what people -- >> bill: it's insurance companies who participate in the medicare advantage -- >> yeah. >> bill: and are taking advantage of it. >> yeah, getting more reimbursement than really they should be, but though other part beyond that is that paul ryan included all of these cuts and really savings on the beneficiary side in his budget. mitt romney said he would of course support the ryan budget. now he is saying that is not my budget, that is his budget but he would sign it if it came to his desk. but the point is to criticize cuts that your running mate, the person you think is best qualified to step in for you, also endorsed along with the bulk of the republican conference, you know is a little bit
person what president obama and the democrats are. they ripped off medicare for $716 billion. and really, weird because shelly's opponent voted twice for congressman ryan's bill and it had the same medicare savings. for the only difference between paul ryan and romney i can figure. i agree with paul ryan and he had to scrap it and attack obama for doing what he did. now look, let me explain this one more time -- [cheering and applause] first of all, the aarp supports the president's position. i don't think anybody believes that the aarp is in the business of wrecking medicare for our seniors. okay. here's the deal. every year or so, a panel of experts doctors and others that deal with all of these services that medicare provides in all the different ways estimates how much they're going cost not just this year but every year for ten years in advance. that's hard to know, isn't it. it doesn't matter if you're albert ion einstein. it's hard to know. they take new evidence every year and make judgments on it. and they basically said look, there's no way in the world we need as much as your
. i want to encourage the economy to grow again. >> so you're repealing obama-care but keeping the good parts of healthcare, social security and medicare for seniors and you're going to build more submarines and destroyers than the pentagon wants, i want to ask you a question. are you a wizard. >> i'm not going to layout a piece of legislation here. >> we can't wait to walk you through all the details math point by math point. there are some tricky--sasquatch tricky--sasquatch. sasquatch, you come here! you come here, no, no, yeti. >> hi there, it's a trolley. it's on the way to the neighborhood of make believe. that's where me and paul ryan get most of our facts from. >> the combination of limiting deductions and credits and exemption as well as the growth of the economy will make up for the reduction rate. >> i mean, do you have a royal family. >> yes, it's called the romneys. >> ha, ha, ha. >> eliot: as joe biden practices for his debate, we'll talk to the person who helped him practice for 2008. currentttttttttttttttttttttttttt nah, he's probably got... [ dennis' voice ]
nothing about defense. in his term. obama says no social security cut, romney says i agree, medicare, they make a big fuss about and they remind people nothing will happen for the next decade. neil: you be stepping this elect out? >> i see there is nothing to be gaining on my issue, fiscal issue, the core of what threatening our economy our way of lif -- our future, i can not see we would make headline way. neil: the worries you had more than 3 decades ago, you still have today, you -- i know you have written about it, painted a worrisome picture for ronald reagan back then, did he ignore you then? what? >> well, the thing was that was a clean balance sheet, we had a trillion worth of national debt, that was a small fraction of our gdp, 30 years later we used up the balance sheet. neil: but at the time about he say, dave, stop it. you are depressing me? >> no. he basically said, one deficit was inherited from jimmy carter, let's blame him, and let's cut fraud, waste and abuse, he was unwilling to take on social security. neil: he was of view you boom your way out of something like th
. the word for obama was jobs. the word for romney was medicare, and the roared for jim lehrer was -- [mum
program, governor romney said this week again he would dump obama's health care plan and send the 40 million suddenly uninsured into the emergency room letting them sit there. the romney/ryan team has other plans in place of medicare which covers people who have retired, it would offer them vouchers. vouchers. imagine some 80-year-old to get on that bus somewhere and go try to find someone to sell them a health insurance policy. good luck, granny. that's not the whole of it. listen to romney when you're not supposed to be listen pentagon the best time to listen to him is when he doesn't think you're listening. saying they have simply failed to take personal responsibility for their lives. nice talk. listen to romney say out loud if you have a pre-existing medical condition and don't have insurance, well, that's your problem because that was your decision. that's how he talks. the same with the automobile industry. romney -- obama stuck his neck out to rescue it for all kinds of good reasons. his challenger said let it take bankruptcy. these are the drastic differences these debates s
. a much more heated match compared to the one between president obama and mitt romney. they talked about national security, foreign policy, taxes, jobs, and clashed over whether the new healthcare reform law put medicare on sounder footing. >> they got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, turning medicare into a piggy bank for obamacare. their own actuaries said 1-6 hospitals and nursing homes are going to go out of business as a result of this >> that's not what they said. >> millions of seniors are projected to lose the coverage they have. >> that didn't happen. more people signed up . whoa, whoa. more people signed up for medicare advantage after the change. nobody is saying that. >> i know you're under a lot of duress to make up for lost rounds. [ laughter ] >> i think people would be better served if we don't keep interrupting >> don't take all the 4 minutes then. >> don't change benefits for people. >> the next debate is the second presidential debate. that's going to take the form of a town hall meeting. citizens will be asking questions of the candidates on foreign and dom
reduction in change. on the other side president obama, this was a dog that didn't bark in effect because usually democrats talk about medicare and social security in a way that indicates they would never do anything about it. president obama to his credit did not do that. so i took some encouraging spin during the debate. >> we're encouraged. >> something that congress can build on. that may give the people in the congress working together a little more ammunition. >> very good. all right. thank you, senator. good to see you as always, senator sam nunn. john king as always. good to see you. and christine romans. coming up next big promiraculous small returns. can political leaders create jobs for our voters around the world or are they being lied to. q and a next with richard quest. to help those affected and to cover cleanup costs. today, the beaches and gulf are open, and many areas are reporting their best tourism seasons in years. and bp's also committed to america. we support nearly 250,000 jobs and invest more here than anywhere else. we're working to fuel america for generations t
, between one heavy on government when it comes to medicare, medicaid, the obama health care plan and one that talks about really injecting private competition. undoubtably in the medicare, undoubtedly into health care. i talked about slowing the rate of growth by medicaid in turning over the control to the states. these are huge issues. these are big, big issues and i feel once again if you are a voter, is 26 days out. feels like the campaign really hasn't begun if you're trying to figure out, who do i vote for? >> let me ask you -- >> hologram to govern? >> you been watching paul ran for 10, 15 years now and know him pretty well. to think this is a matter of him being over coached? at times you can almost read it in the facial expressions. don't screw up any names in afghanistan. make sure you seem credible on this or that policy, many of which he hasn't been immersed in heavily in the house. the coaching may have inhibited talking about the things he does feel passion about and is informed about some of the spending and entitlement issues. >> i think you two sets of handcuffs. once on
. people living on medicare and social security, the romney position is these people don't want to take personal responsibility for their lives. the president says let's refer to health care. >> the 47%. >> the 47%. personhood. obama's pro choice. this character ryan is for personhood. >> he co-sponsored legislation. >> he wants to give the fertilized egg property rights, property rights which would create a criminal lieization situation for the mother. all i'm saying is don't argue about who's taking the $716 billion from medicare and putting it into health care, these are the arguments that boar people. if joe biden comes on, here are the big differences, i think they're right, i don't think they are, this is where we stand. it should be a good debate. it shouldn't be about going into the weeds. >>> not to wonky in the numbers. not going into the weeds but calling out what progressives and democrats call the lies that have been told by romney and ryan. i want to play what congressman ryan said at the rnc, a line that drew a lot of attention when he talked about a gm plant that he blam
at one point obama said, wait a minute, can we stay on medicare? really, we want to cut that off? this is what we want. also i think baous f the 20-some-odd republican preds den chal prynary debates who we had moderators who did a good job would treat it almost as a quasi interview. here's your record and what you said, does anybody else want to pile on? i don't know that debated should be about that. >> on that point, julie, there were points i thought jim lehrer might follow up where he would say, you said this six months ago and now you say this. if it was on the "newshour," that's what we would want. >> we want the moderator to almost con venn j, be in front, get in front of someone's face and say, liar. step back. it's much better for democracy really. >> here's a problem and i think bob schieffer who's going to moderate this third debate with the same format is going to have to think about this. there are moments where you can say -- le let ee says to mitt romney, you've said again and again you'll eliminate the deductions and loopholes. give us one or two examples. >> i ag
to continue to rise. up to 20 million americans will lose their employer-based health insurance under obama care, and they'll raise $716 billion from medicare. governor romney has a different approach that would move the country in the right direction and that's what they're frustrated about. >> let's talk about that approach and get to the bottom of this disagreement. governor romney says he will not increase the deficit with his tax cuts. he's saying he will not increase taxes on the middle class, so is he saying that if he cannot come up with enough loopholes and deductions, closing the deductions to pay for the tax cuts, which amount to about $5 trillion, that he will scale them back? >> what he has said, george, he is going to cut tax rates across the board by 20% and offset those cuts with eliminating deductions and loopholes for the upper income families. >> but there aren't enough deductions to pay for that. >> for middle class families. you can pay for it. there are six studies that say that you can do that. you can broaden the base and lower the rates. that would foster economic g
to defend and promote the top of the ticket. >> reporter: once again, medicare will likely be the star of the show. many democrats were disappointed president obama didn't take governor romney on in their debate, so democrats are looking to biden to do a lot of fact- checking. >> since ryan is the author of the ryan budget that would, as some believe, end medicare as we know it and create a voucher program, it's just hard to imagine that biden isn't going to come back to it over and over and over again. >> reporter: ryan will be defending his economic plan and mitt romney while also focusing fire on the president. it's a challenging assignment for the 42-year old congressman who is stepping into the national spotlight for the first time. and expectations are very high. >> if he does a good job, even if the ticket doesn't prevail, then he has a bright future in national politics. he may even be the standard bearer for the republicans in 2016. >> reporter: so if you want to get an early start on the next election, watch tonight for a glimpse of the political and policy debates you may be
president obama be more open to that big deal? more open to structural changes in medicare and social security, to get what he wants in the tax environment you were just talking about. yes, he most likely would be. however, ali, bill clinton wanted big things in his second term. george w. bush wanted big things. both were hobbled politically, lewinsky scandal in clinton's case and the iraq war in president bush's case. we don't know yet. we know he'd come toll table looking to go big. what would the congress look like? the president would be thinking big, the question is, can he get big? >> yes, that's a good question. ron is the assistant managing editor for "time" magazine. good friend of our show. what does unemployment look like in 2016 if president obama wins? >> it will be ticking down no matter what. i think if he was able to get through some of the big jobs plans that he's been talking about, an infrastructure bank as you mentioned, really focus on manufacturing, help the resurgence that has been happening, i think we could go down to 6% or maybe lower. it's all about bringing
to that was i'm the candidate. >> i'm the boss. we're going to put that money back into medicare. gwen: going into these debates we were all probably guilty of setting the expectations bar and it was pretty high for president obama. i think the polls before showed him like 51% thought he was going to win. win.thought romney was going t incumbents. was it an incumbent's curse at the first debate? >> i think there's some of that but in contrast to some of those previous cases where an incumbent had problems in the rstebe. ronald reagan in 1984 lost his train of thought if his first statement. gwen: on the pacific coast highway. >> right. and it gave rise to questions as if he was too old. this was a case that i thought from start to finish governor romney was the dominant character in the debate. he was much more forceful so in that sense its it was a much more decisive ca of seby someb losing. >> there wasn't that single moment that memorable you're no jack kennedy kind of putdown. it was very strong substantive. in fact, the president said this was afic he might not have thought that later wh
, what we don't know is whether the voucher will be enough to cover the cost of the traditional medicare option for people who want to stay in it. the romney came pain has not clarified that yet. second, the prescription drug plan. obama fair or the affordable care act saved seen mores more than $600 on average last year. the president says those savings will disappear under romney's plan because he's vowed to get rid of boobama care. romney hasn't said if he'll put a cap on spending for these plans. experts say a cap is needed to promote competition and keep cost increases under control. romney's running mate paul ryan's own budget plan that he proposed in congress, it includes a medicare spending cap but romney isn't aligning himself with it. without a spending cap, the congressional budget office says it can't score it, ali. >> that's the tough part. hard to score, unclear what's going on. kevin, can you shed light on this? are you able to give us some sense of exactly those three questions that christine has? what medicare will look like for people who receive it in 2016 or sometime
.s. congress that of the jobs bill the president offered. fought medicare overall he fought for. bought for obama care. even make compromises with republicans, and they still did not vote for it. -- he even made compromises with republicans, and they still did not vote for it. i am tired of it, and so are the people. guest: i suggest you get those talking points out to the democratic members of the board of elections. that is not what they tell us when they come to columbus and call our office. the directors and board members are saying they wanted those three days, and the legislature listen to them. host: farrell, hamilton county. we are in columbus. go ahead. thank you for calling. caller: i think it is interesting we did not hear anything about the word abortion. we hear the words women's rights. but we do not hear the word abortion in this whole election. i think it is time we say the word abortion. 45-60 percent of black pregnancies end up an abortion. the black community should wake up. guest: the 1973 law has already been reviewed by the supreme court in past. it is a law that i
. if he talks about obama care, paul ripe is going to say you cut medicare $716 million. >> bob: that is my one more thing. leaving it aside, i don't think most debates matter. particularly, this one. one for everybody to talk about. in the councilmember, believe me, they are not going to get up in the morning to worry about what happens in this debate, any more than they worry about a coverup in libya. >> greg: kimberly? >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: i was in your fridge, you told me you'd leigh me some foodism watered your plants. >> kimberly: okay. that is a little strange. you probably were at my apartment. i'll have to talk to my doorman, security about that. >> greg: i paid them off. go to a ball called mermaids. it has a glowing blue bar on walnut and 4th. it serves s'mores. >> kimberly: i'm getting a lot of tips like that. i like s'mores a lot, too. i don't know if you know this, i did undercoffer research to term who would win tonight. little kissing contest. each of the debater tos. i have to say that the big winner, right here. that is my prediction. going out on a limb.
? >> reporter: well, i think just watching what president obama and mitt romney have been arguing about, gives you a road map on what we expect to hear tonight. you will hear arguments over the budget, over medicare and taxes. and these two men, remember, paul ryan and joe biden were on opposite sides of the negotiating table, during the super committee on the failed budget, where they failed to reach agreement. so they have a lot of past history and will air their arguments in public. you will also hear joe biden bring up abortion, because mitt romney said just this week he didn't know of any legislation that he would go after abortion if he was elected. well, he and his team walked that back, but joe biden is going to try to interest women voters. and then, there is benghazi, you know they will go after that, a lot of criticism on the hill, spreading out after the campaign. both of them believe this is a way to get at the president and joe biden, their experience on foreign policy and try to dent their record. >> andrea mitchell, who will have a great seat tonight. thank you. >>> and with us
. didn't get the medicare. but the chief biden-obama vulnerability is still tlk, the lack of a positive agenda. so you saw both vulnerabilities. >> that is what i wanted to ask both of you. if you think one or the other got the better of more arguments or less or it was a draw? i mean how did you see it on the just the sum total of the arguments that they were making? >>. >> probably belying my own biaseses with. >> woodruff: that is why we have you here. >> and mr. bias, i thought biden, i thought biden had a bigger task to perform tonight and i thought he did it. ryan's job was certainly not to lose momentum from last week and i think what was fascinating to me was that biden when asked of romney a lot more ferrociously and aggressively than ryan went after president obama, until the very end. >> woodruff: . >> ifill: in the foreign policy section, on which there was a lot. he did say more than once it was devastating shall and the unraveling of u.s. foreign policy. so he yearly was going after the obama administration policy when it came to foreign policy. >> but in a sense did was p
he articulated how obama and his policies will help the middle class and how they'll defend medicare and social security. >> doug? >> i felt as though joe biden definitely had much more of an emotional appeal, but i think paul ryan was definitely more call and stated the facts much better than joe biden did. >> kate, what do you think? >> i think both spoke to the voters that they needed to speak to and i think that the lasting effect from biden's talking points from what he was saying will be stronger than to rain's. >> ryan? >> i think joe biden absolutely -- ryan's. >> ryan? >> i think joe biden absolutely stole the debate tonight. i think it resonates with middle class families. they like to see somebody is fighting for them. >> by raising your hand, anybody change their mind here? no. just the head nod. let's talk about something i saw on twitter. joe biden smiles, even some laughter, especially when paul ryan was talking about iran's nuclear capabilities. anybody have a problem with that or felt it was effective? >> i personally thought biden seemed like he was like why am i de
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